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It is a perfect day to make charcoal: sunny, not rainy, not windy, not hot or cold. The temperature is just right.

The wood to use for charcoal needs to be dry.


There is a hole underneath the barrel to allow the air to circulate up and the humidity to escape.

The lid, notched to fit edge of barrel.


The charcoal cooker is a 55 gallon barrel with a 16 gal retort inside it.

The old chimney is worn out and the new one is handmade of leftover material. We try to recycle material and hand make most of the things we have here.


Fill the retort with dry wood, fist size pieces and smaller.

Close the lid and lock tabs

Clean out ashes and put big logs on the bottom

Pile with some kindling and waded paper underneath to be easily fired

Insert more wood to the
side of retort

There are two kinds of bricks which make the front of the block oven: the plugged one is on the top and the hollow one is on the bottom to control the air flow

The sheet metal pieces are used to cover exposed holes.

The 1 and 1/2 " brick is positioned to regulate the air flow into the bottom.

Install cover lid and chimney. Chimney is optional.

Leave wood to be cooked for about 4 hours.

Go to do something else or play with goats like me.


They like to follow me or watch me working.  
Baby goats love to help although they can't.


It must be boring to wait. Pumpkin and twin boys fall asleep finally.


The cooker is hot when the charcoal is just done. Don't take the retort out of the barrel until it cools down. When out the barrel, let the retort cool to air temperature before opening.

Cover the cooker to keep out the rain and save charcoal in a can or bucket for future use.

The process to make grass charcoal is similar. Simply substitute grass hay for the wood. The hay charcoal can be used for improving garden soil.