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The greatest benefit living in woods is training myself as a sensitive listener and observer.

The woods is behind our house, and the trail is very steep.

Walking with goats and chickens into the woods is my favorite activity every morning. 

Because of their keen hearing and smelling, 

I have learned wild life beauty and cruel through them. 

There are all kinds of flowers and trees grow in woods. 

Although no one plants them, they come back every year and grow up silently by themselves. 

It is quiet in the woods most of time until birds start to sing, crows begin to yell, and turkeys open their throat to gobble. 

They like to compete with each other, I think.

I sometimes see a baby deer's dead body or a small animal's bone on the trail. 

Nests of wild bees or yellow jackets are also scared by us when we pass by. 

Whenever goats stop eating grass, perk their ears, and stare at far distance, 

I hold my breath and look hard to see what have caught their attention. 

It is also fun to watch goats scatter in all direction when there is just a little bird flies out of bush. 

I can sing and talk in the woods as loud as I want without anyone's complaint. 

Chickens and goats like to follow me as my shadow. 

They call me to make sure I am around when they are in a thick blackberry bush. 

Luckily, we haven't met any predators but only cute squirrels, lizards, butterflies and baby snails. 

Animals and I enjoy fresh air, cool temperature and lessons that Mother Nature assigns us every morning. 

Walking into the woods is an exciting activity to start a day, and is a good exercise to both of my goats and myself.