Plum or Prune Wine 水果酒

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The fruit we harvest every year are used for juice, dry fruit, frozen fruit or wine. Plum and prune are two kinds of fruit that are good for making wine.

Half ripe Plum (or Prune) (Use only plum or prune in one jar but not mix them)
Sugar (white or dark brown)

1. The plum or prune that is used to make wine can’t be fully ripe. Need to use half ripe fruit, otherwise the wine will get spoiled.
2. Wash and dry fruit well
3. Cut open each fruit so that the sugar can go into the fruit and the juice will come out easier
4. Start with a clean and dry glass jar
5. Fill out the bottom of the jar with fruit and add sugar level to the top of the fruit
6. Add a second layer of fruit into the jar on the top of the first level and then add more sugar to cover the fruit, repeat until the jar is full.
7. The last level (the top of the jar) has to be sugar.
8. Leave about 2 inches room before you cover the lid.
9. Cover the lid tight
10. Leave the jar in a shady, cool place for at least 6 months.

Pour out the wine into a small jar after the wine is ready (after 6 months). You can either eat the wined plum (prune) or compost it. (Or feed it to your goats to make them “happy” J. No too much though)

李子和梅子是最容易做酒的水果唯一要注意的是不能用熟透的梅李會爛要用半熟果實還硬的那種 (一瓶內只能做李子或梅子酒兩種水果不能放在同一瓶內)






將瓶子放在陰涼處六個月 (絕不能見到陽光或溫度過高)

如果你的酒放置時間太長則會發酸變成水果醋 (還是可以喝啦,加點水沖淡即可)



我嗎? 拿去餵貓熊它非常喜歡當然一次不能讓它吃太多會拉肚子