Chinese Lunar New Year Cake 年糕

Chinese Lunar New Year falls on January 26 this year. Traditionally, we will have New Year cake (sticky rice cake) in the morning as the first breakfast of the year. The cake implies everything will go better in the new year. There are many flavors of the cake: red bean, white daikon, vegetable, longan fruit and so on. Or, just pure white sticky rice.

The cake can be steamed and dipped in sugar, or fry it with egg/flour mixtures. 1. Slice the cake 2. Scramble eggs

3. Add some flour, just make the mixture a little bit thick (sugar is an option) 4. Dip sliced cake in the mixture

5. Heat pan and add oil in the hot pan 6. Put dipped slices into the hot pan 7. Turn down the heat to middle 8. Turn the cake slices over, turn to low heat

9. The cake is down when it is soft (test with fork or chopsticks)
10. Serve and eat hot

You can also refer to the English recipe of Fruit Sticky Rice Cake, Chinese Dumplings, Wonton Soup and Fried Rice.