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Won Ton wrappers can be bought in almost any grocery store. One pack of wrappers should be enough to serve about 5 people at least.


1. Put filling onto middle of wrapper
2. Fold bottom corner to opposite corner and then fold down
3. Bring right and left corners in,
put water on right corner, twist to match, overlap with left corner on top, and stick together

4. After the water (or chicken broth soup) boils, then put won tons into the boiling water, just like you cook dumplings (the water must cover all won tons)
5. Turn down the heat after the water boils again
6. Cook until the skin color turn to clear and won tons are floating on the surface of the soup
7. Put won tons in a bowl, add some green onions or spicy pepper
8. Eat when they are hot

Don't need to add cool water into the boiling soup as you do for cooking Chinese dumplings. Won Ton wrapper is much thinner than dumpling skin.