The four seasons view 山中四季景觀錄影

Videos of goats 山羊錄影
Chinese recipes 中西食譜
Baby Goats Videos 山羊寶寶錄影

(Following colorful characters are links of videos)

Early Spring 2010 (March)

View of Spring Garden 03/08/2010 (Video)

2010 Spring forest view (Video)

2010 April River , Creek, Goats and river view,

Autumn 2009

A foggy morning in the woods 重霧鎖清秋
剛過完中秋節的一個濃霧清晨 與羊兒在森林裡散步吃草
A foggy morning in the front yard 前山多霧的早晨

I take goats for a hike to the woods almost every morning. It is fun to watch them eat and play. I sometimes found deer tracks, a pile of animal poop, or a twig worm which is like the following video.

Twig worm 枯枝蟲You can hardly tell it is a worm when it doesn't move

Lichen 是一種在空氣很乾淨的地方才會長出的鬍鬚羊兒非常愛吃不過它通常都掛在高枝上很難搆到

Autumn (September 2009) 以下是秋雨和雨後新晴的風光

才入秋就下了一場半英吋的豪雨,喜歡溫暖乾燥的羊兒,一清早就叫我去幫她們打掃房間和吃早飯,因為下雨天她們比較喜歡呆在屋裡, 不愛入山