Happy Marriage 喜締良緣

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Chinese believe a woman will have a healthy, happy baby if she keeps a happy mood and looks at cute baby pictures during her early marriage years.

One of my friends kept telling me how much she wished to have a granddaughter since her son was engaged to a smart, beautiful and nice girl. I then decided to make something special as their wedding gift: a Chinese embroidery art work which is called "Happy Marriage".

I started with the bride part instead of the groom part in this art work because she wanted a baby girl first. It took me about 3 months to complete the piece. On weekends, I embroidered from 5 am until midnight, and on weekdays for 3 hours in the morning and 6 hours in the evening . The picture contains 52 colors which is the most complicate and difficult part.

The gift was delivered by a close friend who always appreciated that he was treated as a member of the family. His blessing was with the gift as well.

The Happy Marriage wish seems to work nicely. My friend's daughter-in-law got a baby girl after 3 years of marriage. The baby girl is 3 months old now. She is the luckiest baby girl in the world who receives both grandparents and parents 100% love.

Chinese character "perfect" 好 contains a girl 女 and a boy 子. Wish they get a grandson next. And then, Prince and Princess will live together with their big family, happily and healthy, forever.

我的眾多綽號裡有一個叫 "磁鐵人". 意思是無論我到哪家店或餐廳, 就算當時一個顧客也無, 但只要我在店裡停留幾分鐘後, 客人就會如潮水般陸續進門, 這種盛況可以在我離去後持續好幾天, 因此知道的朋友, 都喜歡我常去店裡或餐廳坐坐


因此, 當我的一個美國朋友, 從她兒子訂婚後, 就嚷嚷著她多想要一個孫女時 (她家全部是兒子), 我就決定送這對戀人一份特殊的結婚禮物

爲了保密, 我沒有說穿這份禮物背後的涵意, 只刻意選了一對中國古式婚禮的圖樣, 用一對可愛的金童玉女當新郎新娘, 在繡製時, 甚至特別先繡玉女, 再做金童, 整個繡製過程最困難的部分是, 此
繡品包含 52 種色彩, 不上班的日子從清晨五點繡到半夜, 上班的日子也是早起晚睡, 趕工三個月而成. 繡品定名為 "喜締良緣".

爲了加強祝福的力量, 三年前婚禮當天, 甚至請一位很有福相的摯友親送到喜宴現場

看來這份禮物很靈, 前天收到朋友的 email, 家族裡的第一個孫輩三個月前誕生: 一個白胖快樂的女娃. 外祖父母爲她辦了個盛大的三月酒 (中國人慶祝滿月, 他們過三月喜宴), 正式將孩子介紹給親朋好友

我告訴他們下一個可能是孫子. 中國字裡, 有女有子, 可是很美 "好" 的呢