Soy Milk and soy dish 豆漿與豆渣炒絞肉

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I like fresh soy milk. The fresh, the better. Soy milk is a good choice to people who can't drink cow's milk.

1. Soak soy bean over night

2. pour out the water
3. Put soaked soy bean and fresh water (must cover beans) in blender
(the amount of water depends on how much milk you want to make)

4. Blend it with low speed till very fine

5. Pour the whole thing into Cheese cloth and squeeze it to a wok

(the left over of soy bean can be fried with ground meat or Bean Curd: Hard Tofu)

6. Boil the milk with open lid (add more water into the wok)
7. Turn down the heat after the milk is boiling

8. Take out the bubble that on the surface of the soup with a spoon

9. Add some sugar to the milk (suggest to drink it plain)
10. Pour milk to cups and keep the milk that you can't finish in refrigerator.

The leftover of soy milk can also been make a healthy and delicious dish.

1. Chop green onions, carrots,

bean curd (extra firm Tofu) or cabbage/vegetables you like

2 One spoon oil in the wok
3. Fry bean curd and carrots till soft

4. Mix with green onions, other vegetables and a little bit salt
5. Add left over soy milk and fry it until done
6. You can also make a non-vegetarian (meat) dish
7. Simply fry meat first, then vegetables, then left over of the soy milk

美國朋友問豆漿的做法. 如果可能, 豆漿儘量當天做, 當天喝完, 不放糖最好

1. 黃豆一杯泡過夜

. 泡黃豆的水倒掉
3. 黃豆放進果汁機加水低速打細
(水量視你想做多少豆漿而定), 水至少要淹過黃豆
4. 將打細的豆汁倒進紗布袋中, 用手擠汁入鍋中
5. 加水, 大火將豆漿煮沸, 要看著, 以免豆漿逸出鍋外
6. 煮沸後關小火續煮
7. 用小湯匙將湯表面的泡沫撇出
8. 煮好的豆漿加糖 (建議喝不加糖的清漿)
9. 豆漿倒入碗或杯中趁熱喝
10. 當天喝不完的豆漿要放進冰箱
11. 豆渣可用來炒豆腐乾 (素食) 或絞肉
12. 方法是把蔥, 豆腐乾和所有蔬菜切丁 (加一點鹽在熱油裡)
13. 先炒豆腐乾和胡蘿蔔 (如果有肉, 就先把肉炒熟)
14. 香味出來後放蔬菜, 最後炒豆渣
15. 要炒到豆渣没黃豆腥味, 再起鍋