Vegetable or Chicken Enchiladas 墨西哥雞肉蔬菜捲餅

Chinese Recipes 中西食譜
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This is the easy one. You only need Tortillas (either flour or corn),

Monterey Jack Cheese,

vegetable and/or

thread chicken meat (depends on if you are a vegetarian or not)

and 28 ounce can of Enchilada sauce (green or red).

You can add herbs that are from your garden,
Green onions




Jalapenos Pepper

Or, you can add sour cream or plain yogurt on the top of your Enchiladas to taste


However, these are options.
1. Vegetable/herb: Chop all vegetables and/or herbs to small pieces

2. Meat: Boil water, cook chicken till done and thread the meat
(skip this step if you are a vegetarian)

3. Shred cheese

4. Lightly grease the oven pan with butter

5. Pre-heat oven at 350 F for 10 minutes

Now, you only have 10 minutes to roll the Enchiladas (just kidding. Take your time)

Put a
Tortilla on a plate,
in layers put vegetables first, (i.e., spinach or tomato),

then cheese,

then meat if you want, then herbs and cheese

Roll the tortilla and put it on the plate.

Do all of them one by one.

Pour Enchilada sauce over the tortillas

Bake for 30 minutes

Remove from oven. Add more cheese on the top of

Bake another 5 minutes till cheese melt.

Enjoy the meal (with sour cream or plain yogurt).

墨西哥雞肉蔬菜捲餅很好做, 你其實只需要

1. 捲餅
2. 起司 (
Monterey Jack Cheese)
3. 蔬菜或雞肉絲 (素食者不要肉)
4. 墨西哥醬料 (
Enchilada sauce, 綠色或紅色皆可, 紅色不辣, 番茄顏色罷了)
5. 烤盤 (用電鍋蒸其實也可以)

其他的香料, 蔬菜, 酸奶, 憑你喜好, 加不加都可以

1. 烤箱預熱 10 分鐘 (350 華氏)
2. 烤盤抹油
3. 所有蔬菜, 香草, 辣椒切碎, 起司刨絲
4. 雞肉燙熟後, 撕成雞絲
5. 捲餅一張放盤中

6. 先放一層蔬菜, 一層起司 (素食者在此即可將餅捲起)

7. 放雞絲, 番茄, 香草, 起司

8. 餅捲起放烤盤中
9. 所有餅按口味做好
10. 捲餅上澆上醬料 (整罐倒下去)
11. 烤 30 分鐘 (大同電鍋蒸亦可)

12 取出烤盤, 灑上起司
13. 再烤 5 分鐘, 至起司溶化

14. 取出, 上面放酸奶吃即可