How to clean a rice cooker 大同電鍋簡易清潔法

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1. Five lemons cut in half and put in the cooker,
2. Add water half full
3. Cook for 10 minutes
4. Unplug and leave lemons and water in the cooker for more than 6 hours
5. Pour out water and lemons

滴落湯汁而焦黑難洗, 可以利用檸檬的酸性輕易去除, 環保, 便宜又簡單, 方法如下

1. 將五顆檸檬切半
, 放入電鍋, 加半鍋水在電鍋裡,

2. 插電煮 10 分鐘後拔掉插頭, 靜置 5 小時以上, 倒掉檸檬黑水即可