BBQ with Bio-Charcoal 風味烤碳

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Bio-Charcoal 手工炭過程

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Although we can easily buy charcoal in a store, home made charcoal will add unique flavor to your food.
We can use whatever kind of wood we like as well as recycle dead trees, save energy and be environmentally friendly.

Now, how to BBQ with home made charcoal?
First, open the chimney and side window of grill

Clean the rack of BBQ grill with brush and remove the left side of rack to right side

Turn the Charcoal starter (hand made also) upside down and add some waded paper

Turn over the starter and add leftover charcoal from the grill oven to starter

Add more fresh bio-charcoal till full

Light paper in the bottom of starter,

insert one more paper wad under the bottom of starter and light

Wait till charcoal turns red

Pour hot charcoal into the grill and spread it evenly

Put the left side of rack bac

Wait till the rack is hot

Arrange food on rack, when singed, turn meat over and close cover

Turn the food again after about 3-5 minutes, cook until done

Close the side window and chimney after the food is cooked

Enjoy your meal with spring blossom

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