Chicken Breeds 各色雞種

We are chickens 雞兒錄影
My goats
Third generation baby goats

Triplets of Apple
Hatching eggs
Salted eggs

People call me "Crested Top Hat" but I prefer to name myself "Hairdresser".

I am not only unique, beautiful, and smart but also "environmentally friendly ".

I can have any hair style I want every morning without using water or moose.

I get along with everyone well, no matter their color or race.

I am also a good listener who comforts pregnant Happy in the morning.

Of course I sometimes feel sad or want to be alone. I don't ask a lot, just a little sandy ground and some sunshine.

Well, well, well, talking about unique. Look at me.

You think those ladies' hats in Prince Williams wedding are fashion? Not a chance.

I am the fashion. Do you hear me? Don't call me "Crested Silver Polish". Call me "Fashion Hat Queen".

Ya, I wasn't born in a royal family. So what? I am still the Queen here. Don't forget black and white are always the two leading fashion colors in the world.

Queen is right. Black and white are the fashion colors. Hi, I am "Black Star".

You can tell how pretty I am from my name: A star, a super star.

Do you know why my feathers are so shiny? Because I eat healthy and clean myself everyday. I also exercise. Since no one feeds me, I have to go out and walk mile after mile to find my food.

My heart is as beautiful as my appearance. I help my girl friend who has 5 chicks to babysit and look for food. I know, she looks tired (don't tell her this). It is not easy to raise up kids nowadays. No job, no food, and no husband (well, the latter one is not so critical).

OK, you guys. Don't let black and white girls fool you. Look at me: "Pearl White Leghorn".
Do you know what "Pearl" mean? It means beautifully white. It is not pale white or ivory yellow but is like the shine of the Moon, the twinkle of stars, the stream under the moonlight, the .......... Anyway, I am a shiny girl. Lighten the darkness.

Yes, I like to fly as high as my parents.

Famous layer? No doubt, it is me. I lay big white eggs (compared to those in super market) EVERYDAY even through the winter.

I may not be the heaviest girl, yet I am definitely the most productive and beautiful one in the family.

Beautiful means nothing. You can't eat beautiful when you are starving. Does anyone here know about stock market? Which metal price has gone up crazily since 2007?

Gold. You are clever.
It's me, "Buff Orpington": Golden Girl and Boy. Look how like the sunshine I am. You will be rich if you have me at home.

I lay not only big but also brown colored eggs everyday. See how golden is the yoke of my egg.

I am also meaty.
Hmmmm......, it doesn't mean that you should eat me. To keep me for laying an egg each day is more practical than slaughtering me for only one meal.

Count how many eggs (means health and $$$) I can give to you through my life: 365 x 6 years
. If you know the stock market so well, you will realize how valuable I am.

No one should ignore the strongest country in the world while talking about money (OK, ok, debts also count as money).

"Americanas", I am the Representative of USA.

Don't say I am like an owl . My head looks more like the Eagle. The King of the sky.

Don't understand why people always talk about money, power and beauty. It is not the point. You will not be a charming man or woman if you are not sexy.

That's right, sexy is our name. We are "Sex Link" no matter if it is gold, red or silver color.
We all link to sexy.

Ya, right. Sexy is charming. Tell me about it. Does anyone really believe we can go through global financial crisis just being sexy? No. You have to be tough. As tough as a rock. Learn from me: "Barred Rock".

I think I am the only one who really contributes to this world. I am not pretty, sexy, rich, or smart. Yet, I just became a mom one month ago.

Hatched eggs for 5 weeks, got 5 kids and lost 2 of them in 3 days: a wild cat caught them (I guess).

Education is the key to our children's future. They need to learn life skills at home. What are these life skills?

They are: how to search for food, eat, sleep and poop well, brush teeth after every meal,

be close with your buddy and family,

take care of yourself first,

then your family,

then neighbors, then friends, then colleagues, then boss, then your country

and then you can say "the world peace".

Don't mess up the order. That's what Confucius said.

Almost forgot to tell you, my name is "Golden Laced Wyandotte".
Thank you for listening.