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Baby duck loves to drink LOTS of water 鴨寶非常愛喝水
08/01/2011 Baby duck was born this morning. 鴨寶誕生於 8/1/2011
She is one week younger than other baby chicks
. 她比其他雞寶晚一週出生
Baby duck can't walk as well as baby chicks yet. She falls upside down very often 鴨寶今早才出生, 走得没雞寶穩, 常摔得四腳朝天

Baby duck is sleeping. Baby chicks step on her

Baby duck falls asleep 鴨寶累得睡著了
Duckling enjoys sunshine and grassy ground in the yard 
Baby duck eats what hen mom does 鴨寶跟著雞媽吃東西
Baby duck eats with her siblings 鴨寶和兄姊一起吃飯
Baby duck meets her chicken family 鴨寶第一天加入大家庭
Mom hen takes 9 baby chicks to look for food 雞媽帶九個寶寶找食物

Crest Top Hat and Silver Polish are kissing 兩隻雞兒互相親吻 (幫忙啄小蟲)
Are we born? 我們出生了嗎?
Baby chicks dancing (fighting)? 雞寶跳舞
Chicks clean Cherry's hair 雞兒幫櫻桃小丸子清毛
Leghorn and goats 來亨蛋雞和羊寶
Leghorn likes to fly high to the roof 來亨雞喜歡高飛上屋頂

Leghorn flies high 來亨雞愛飛高
Leghorn flies to the roof 來亨雞上屋頂
Flying black star 黑星母雞
Crested Silver Polish 髮型師雞
Crested Top Hat 帽型師雞
Crested Top Hat and Silver Polish 哥倆好

Black Star and Golden Laced Wyandotte 黑星雞和金母雞
Black Star is laying a brown egg 黑雞下棕蛋
Black Star announces she just lay an egg 黑星母雞宣告下了一顆蛋
Black Star searches for food 黑星母雞覓食
Barred Rock 
Americanas 彩蛋雞品種
Leghorn 來亨蛋雞
Golden Sex Link 金雞
Can you tell who is who now? 能認出誰是誰了嗎?
Chicken go home before dark 雞兒天黑前回家
one month old baby chicks are on their own feet now 
(Mom peck kids if they don't go out to search food by themselves)
Dark Cornish rooster protects his hens from Black Star Hen

Dark Cornish rooster chases girls 黑康康雞追女友

2 則留言:

lh 提到...

Hi RichCat:

thank you for sharing the new baby
duck, this remind me of my younger days, my mom used to rais cheichens, turkeys and baby pigs.
Nowadays, young kids probably don't even know how baby duck come from.


RichCat 悠然居 提到...

Dear lh:

You are right. That's why I am publishing a series of books about those cute animals :-)

Take care