Home Made Salted Eggs 自製鹹蛋

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If you have too many chicken or duck eggs, salted them.

Chinese people use salted egg yolk to make Moon Cake and Bamboo leaf sticky rice dumplings. It is easy and cheap to have home made salted eggs.

A clean quart jar
fresh chicken/duck eggs (room temperature)
1 cup of sea salt in 4 cups of water (1:4)
1/4 cup of rice/cooking wine
(The liquid has to be enough to cover all eggs)
1. Boil salt water, stir the water during cooking
2. cool down the salt water after it is boiling
2. Clean (or wash) the eggs, dry them with a clean clothes and put them in the jar
3. Add rice wine into the cool, room temperature salt water
4. Pour salt wine water into the jar

5. Seal the jar and put it in a cool, shady place for one month
6. Take the salted eggs out of the jar
7. Steam or water boil eggs
8. Serve steamed (boiled) salted eggs with millet rice or salad

我們的雞很爭氣, 從大約 6 個月大, 就開始下蛋, 而且無論炎夏或寒冬, 從不罷工, 不像別的養雞人家, 只要氣候不穩定, 他們的雞蛋數量就跟著減產

新鮮雞蛋(或大鴨蛋) 數個, 4 杯冷開水,
杯, 米酒 1/8 杯,
(液體量必須能夠淹過所有雞蛋, 水與鹽與酒的比例約4:1:0.5)
乾淨玻璃瓶 1

1. 將冷水加入鹽煮沸, 煮沸過程中要不停攪拌, 讓鹽充分溶化, 然後放涼, 雞蛋洗淨擦乾
2. 將米酒加入涼鹽水中
3. 鹽水酒倒入乾淨玻璃瓶中
4. 雞蛋放入瓶中密封
5. 整罐放置到陰涼的地方一至兩個月
6. 泡好的鹹蛋取出蒸熟或冷水煮熟即可 (跟白水煮蛋方法相同)
7. 未經蒸熟的鹹蛋黃
, 可運用在月餅粽子等糕餅食品中