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Water Ram with 200 Feet long pipe to uphill
水力幫浦和 200 英呎長的管線接上山

Weir and Water Ram 山溪引水器和幫浦
Water flow from the water ram 接到水囉



Water Ram 自製水力幫浦
Water ram, collector and pipe 水力幫浦和水管




Water rams were invented over 200 years ago. They have been used all over the world, both commercially made rams and homemade rams.

The homemade rams are generally not quite as efficient as the highly engineered models but they are a lot cheaper and are a fun do it yourself project.

A water ram can be made from off the shelf parts available in hardware/plumbing stores. Recycle stores often have many of the pipe parts; used parts in good shape work fine and save a lot of money.

There are numerous YouTube videos and more technical websites explaining how they work and what parts can be used to make one. A serious long term application can justify the expense of a commercially made ram. Water rams come in sizes from ¾ “ to over 6”.

The water ram is an example of appropriate technology which does not require an electric or internal combustion motor to operate. They do require a downhill flow of water with sufficient fall to provide the kinetic energy needed.

The purpose of the water ram is to move water from a low location to a higher location. The energy to make this happen is supplied by the kinetic energy of water running downhill through a pipe (called the drive pipe).

The running water is stopped very abruptly at the low location by a special valve when the running water in the drive pipe reaches sufficient velocity to close the valve. This abrupt stop creates a water hammer.


The water hammer then opens a check valve leading into the delivery pipe, which is a pipe carrying the pumped water to wherever you want to use or store it—all within the pumping limitations of the ram.

The first valve (called the clack valve) now re-opens with the fall in pressure, the check valve is closed by back pressure from the delivery pipe, and the action starts all over again. This action happens repeatedly, about once or twice a second. No electricity is required.

This ram pumps about 1.5 gallons per minute.

Making a water ram is not technically demanding. You may have to purchase some basic tools but only basic tools are needed.

For details on necessary parts and more complete how to information do a google search: water ram pumps, follow the links, enjoy. To see our ram in operation:

click any colorful characters under "videos".

Please leave your comments and/or questions in YouTube. Thanks.

當初買山時, 就決定要把此地建設成自給自足之地, 因此許多設備都是電力與手動並行,

尤其是水源, 雖然有口一分鐘流量 60 加侖的好井, 仍設置了三個 1500 加侖的儲水塔,

冬雨季節收集屋檐雨水, 夏天用手動裝置控制給水, 讓羊兒的水桶不空, 自動補水, 我只在零下結凍時, 早晨灌熱水解凍,

菜圃/果園也有自動澆水/滴水裝置, 每週定時澆水三天,

10 年的河沙培土, 堆肥, 雞羊努力澆灌,



毛蟲, 甲蟲, 都樂在其中

暖房內更是加裝一個自製的直立鐵桶, 內裝井水,

當白天氣溫高時吸收熱, 晚上氣溫低時, 桶內熱水徐徐釋放熱氣, 等於一個不費電的溫度調節器 

讓暖房內四季如春, 蔬菜翠綠肥美

這兩天, 趁著連續一週的冬雨, 利用物理原理, 將湍流山溪, 用手工做的幫浦, 將低處的水源, 抽向高處

此自動幫浦不用電力, 可將溪水抽送到設在山坡高處的水塔, 然後水塔的水自動流向山下的菜圃, 果園, 或牲口的水桶 (水往低處流的自然原理),

在天旱與沒電的情況下救急, 此幫浦一分鐘可抽水 1.5 加侖, 即一小時 90 加侖, 只要下一天的雨, 就能灌滿我們 1500 加侖的菜圃水塔

我們計算過, 就算沒水沒電, 只要三個水塔全滿, 就能供應大約六個月的山中用水 (包括牲口), 當然是在比目前已經很摳的生活用水習慣, 還要更節約的情況下

這個幫浦不難做, 成本也很低, 所有材料都在二手店收集而來 (雖然都是生鏽的, 花了些時間打磨),

網路上很多影片教你自製, google "water ram" 即可,

聽不懂英文也沒關係, 一步一步示範得很清楚, 若有任何疑問, 請在下方 "張貼意見" 欄提問, 或點錄影下方的彩色字體影片, 到 YouTube 留言亦可

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