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I like a simple life as well as an easy recipe. To cook nutrition food with local materials and simple methods is the purpose of publishing my recipe here.

Yam/sweet potato soup is good for people who can't eat solid food but need vitamins, protein, fibers, minerals and energy. It can produce body heat in the winter time.

First, chop a yam (with skin) into small chunks. The trick is cutting through partially and then breaking off the chunks so the sweetness and nutrition will release into the soup easier.

Slice the ginger root with skin as thin as you can.
(It depends on how spicy and sweet you like the soup for the amount of ginger root and sugar you add in.)

Put yam and ginger root into cold water. Water has to at least cover the yam. Boil the water till the yam becomes soft.

Add DARK brown sugar after the yam has been cooked thoroughly.

You can drink the soup with or without yam.

我喜歡簡單平凡的生活, 做飯也採用當季當地的食材, 用最簡單的方式烹飪, 換句話說, 儘量把食譜改成每一個人都能烹調的方式

的食物, 當然健康的人也可以在冬天喝這道湯暖身養顏

秘訣在切塊時不要一刀切到底, 要切一半, 然後剩下的部分用刀撇斷, 讓切面粗燥, 甜味和養分比較容易釋放到湯裡

生薑切薄片, 分量看你想要多辣的口味, 然後把紅薯與薑片一起放進冷水裡, 水要淹過紅薯

先用電鍋煮, 跟煮飯一樣的方式, 跳鍋後不開蓋, 悶半小時, 加水進外鍋, 再煮一次, 悶半小時, 紅薯應該就夠爛了,

紅薯煮好之後才能放糖, 黑糖最好, 紅/黃糖亦可, 不要放白糖

趁熱喝, 可以只喝湯, 也可以加紅薯薑片一起吃, 不要喝冰的