Survivor: Daisy

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It works. Daisy gains 18 pounds in her second month after we nursed her with McKida’s milk.

McKida does have very rich milk and is a fat mom. Her twin sons totally gained 38 lbs within a month. If we added 18 pounds of Daisy, McKida produced 56 lbs of meat for a one month period. Since Daisy didn’t like the milk supplement, we fed McKida with the supplement and she produced milk for Daisy.

Daisy is a healthy, happy and big girl now. She is curious about everything. Especially the hat I wear.

Her mom, Marta is getting more confidence in raising up her twins. She is stronger and likes to show who is the boss with Cereh (one of our purebred Kiko does).

Despite Marta being a first time inexperienced mom, Daisy still loves her mom and brother.