Fried Rice with Eggs 蛋炒飯

Chinese recipes 中西食譜

Although Chinese dishes are delicious and famous overseas, the ingredients and materials are hard to get outside Chinatown. Therefore, I may revise the recipe or use local materials to make it easier for my non-Chinese friends.

Fried rice with eggs is one of the dishes that benefits from local ingredients and is easy to cook.

First of all, scramble eggs (of course), you can also add some green onions or garlic (according to taste).

Heat the pan, and add some peanut oil after the pan is hot (scrambled eggs need a little bit more oil). Add a little bit of salt to the oil, put liquid eggs into the hot oil and scramble them. Add rice when the eggs are half cooked. Stir them together. It is done when the rice is hot.

you also can add any vegetables, such as tomatoes, green/yellow/red sweet pepper into the rice for color. It can be shrimp, ground beef/pork/goat/chicken fried rice too. Simply fry shrimps or ground meat before you add rice in the pan.

The cooked rice used (to make the fried rice) must be kept overnight so that the rice is harder, dryer and every piece of rice is separate and not too sticky.

If you don't have a rice cooker, an ordinary pot also can cook rice pretty well

Pour brown or white rice into the pot, add cool water until it is up to the level half way between your first and second finger joints of your index finger, cover with lid and boil it with high heat, turn down the heat to median after it is boiling and cook it till dry. The total time is about 30-40 minutes.

Avoid, as far as possible, opening the lid during boiling or after the rice is done. Leave the cover on the pot until the rice is cool. If you want to use this rice to cook the fried rice, you need to leave the rice overnight so that the rice is dryer.

Now, you can have your fried rice with some salad, fruit, sweetheart egg or other dishes (i.e., Grilled Salmon) as an easy, pretty and healthy meal.




炒蛋的油要多一些。我們是用耐高溫的花生油,鍋熱之後才倒油,加一點鹽,等油熱的時間可以打蛋,蛋裡可加點蔥花 (不吃的可不加),油熱後,倒入蛋液,如果你要吃稀嫩一點的蛋,就把火關小,如果你希望飯粒沾滿蛋液,則此時就可以倒入冷飯同炒,否則等蛋半熟後再加入冷飯同炒,兩三分鐘飯熱後,即可關火。

如果蛋炒飯要更精緻,則可以在蛋炒好後先盛起,再起油鍋,炒其他菜,例如番茄,因為番茄會出水,因此也要在炒好之後,另外盛起,然後可以炒青、紅、黃、橘甜椒,增加色澤。我這粗人當然沒這麼細緻,每炒一道菜都另起油鍋,而是蛋炒到半熟就一起下鍋啦。至於蔬菜 (例如甜椒、青菜),則根本不炒,只在炒飯全部完成後,灑在上面,裝飾用。

等所有的菜都炒完盛起,再用很少的油 (甚至不用油) 炒冷飯,然後把菜或蛋加入同炒即可。若你要吃蝦仁蛋炒飯,則在炒蛋盛起後炒蝦仁,然後把炒蛋和飯加入同炒即可。羊肉、牛肉、雞肉炒飯相同,本文圖片裡用的是絞山羊肉加蔥、薑、蒜、醬油,大蒜連皮小火爆香,撿出蒜皮,再倒入絞肉炒熟。