Curry Beef 咖哩牛肉

Chinese recipes 中西食譜
Videos of goats are HERE 山羊生活錄影在此

Curry Beef (can be substituted with chicken, pork or goat meat)

Ingredients (for 4 servings) are:

A: half yellow onion, half apple, 4 oz ginger roots, one bunch green onions (option),
1 hot pepper (option), 4 oz garlic (option)

B: 1 or 2 carrots (option), one potato (option)

C: 2 pounds of lean beef, 3 cups water, 4 TBSP peanuts oil, 8 oz curry
1. Cut beef, apple, potatoes and carrots into ½ inch pieces2. Chop onions, ginger roots, garlic, and/or hot pepper finely

3. Put oil in a big cold wok
4. Add A into the “cold” wok
5. High heat fry them until the flavor comes out
6. Add meat and fry together until the meat turns to a dark brown color

7. Add water till boiling
8. Turn to medium heat. Add B, cover lid and simmer about 15 minutes until the meat is tender

9. Add curry into the meat, and stir it until it melts (as well as the apple)
10. Turn off heat and serve hot with rice or noodle (How to cook rice and How to cook Noodle)

這份食譜裡的牛肉可替代為雞肉羊肉豬肉 (4 人份)
肉類最好在氣溫 20 度以下時吃才達到溫補或熱補的效果否則身體會不舒服容易疲倦
1. 兩磅牛腱肉切正方形小塊
2. 冷油炒半顆蘋果 (切塊)
洋蔥紅蘿蔔 (切塊),辣椒大蒜馬鈴薯
3. 出香味後
4. 肉塊變色後 (若你有咖哩粉
加咖哩粉翻拌至所有食材與咖哩粉裹勻若無此步驟可省)鍋中加三碗水轉中火蓋上鍋蓋 15 分鐘至肉爛蘋果塊溶化
5. 咖哩塊弄碎