Cabbage Roll 包心菜捲

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This dish can be vegetarian or meat. Simply substitute Tofu for ground meat.

1. Cut a cabbage in half.

2. Put the half cabbage in boiling water, cook it until soft, then peel the leaves

3. Season ground meat (turkey, chicken, beef, pork) or smashed tofu with rice wine, sea salt, ginger root, green onions and/or garlic

4. Put one leaf in the plate, add ground meat or mashed tofu.

5. Roll the cabbage leaves one after the other

6. Steam the rolls

7. Serve them when hot.

此菜可葷可素, 用豆腐泥取代绞肉即可

1. 調味絞肉或豆腐泥: 米酒, 海鹽, 生薑, 大蒜, 韭菜或青蔥

2. 包心菜切半, 丟入滾水煮軟, 撈起一葉葉剝下

3. 取一片菜葉放入盤中, 加一匙絞肉

4. 菜葉從邊緣捲起

5. 一卷卷放入盤碗中蒸熟即可

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