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An easy, cheap and organic way to clean the dark and burned oven:

1. Wait till the top of oven gets cool or cold

2. Add little bit water into one or two spoon (depends the area of dark mark) baking soda and make it to become as paste
3. Put baking soda paste on the dark spots that on the surface of oven
4. Wait at least one hour till the paste gets dry
5. Using a clean wet sponge (not too much water) to wipe out baking soda paste

當潔白的爐灶, 因焦黑的鍋底而留下印漬時, 用小蘇打粉即可輕易去除, 且不傷爐面

等爐子表面完全冷卻 (很重要), 無任何溫度後, 視髒汙面積, 將一或多匙小蘇打粉置於小碗中, 加少許水調成黏稠漿糊狀, 

然後敷在爐面髒汙處, 靜置小時左右, 蘇打粉糊完全乾燥, 取一塊微濕的乾淨海綿擦拭, 爐面即清潔光亮如新