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Goats go out gate and eat weeds along driveway

野裡縱有如毒葛 poison oak 和金雀花 scotch broom 等對環境和人類造成困擾的植物.

但也有像羽衣甘藍 Kale (含高鈣, 鉀與葉黃素) 和野豆苗 Wild Peas 營養多汁, 全然無我, 只為提供動物充分糧草的野菜.

野豆苗從初春長到夏末, 無論怎樣的拔它, 下兩三天春雨後, 又漫山遍野冒出.

吃再多也不膩. 寶寶還喜歡亦步亦趨, 親熱的在腳邊嚼食.

有時沒空放羊寶出山坡吃草, 就手拔幾大捆, 放到食槽裡, 讓想吃的羊隨時去用餐.

食物充分的時候, 動物是不會爭奪的, 因為知道就算晚來, 還是有得吃, 不必為好吃的打架.

而野豆苗也因忘我的無私, 讓人類幫它大量繁殖, 移入菜圃與其他蔬菜共生.

而不會想斬草除根的滅絕它. 讓大自然, 豆苗本身, 人類與動物多贏.

看似無償提供服務的野豆苗是傻? 還是聰明呢?

4 則留言:

匿名 提到...

hi! Cathy,
you mentioned that you grow different beans, how do you prevent the beans from cross-pollenated?


Cathy RichCat 提到...

There are several ways to prevent:

Runner beans will cross with runner beans only but not with other kind of beans. They are hard to find (means you can't easily buy it from grocery store). So, watch out runner beans.

We only plant one runner beans here (the bean has no chance to cross with any other beans here).

Most Pole beans (grow tall on the pole or fence) we plant here usually don't cross with bush beans (low beans). So, there is no problem.

If you worry about crossing, plant them far away with each other. You can google or ask local profession farmers about how far away each other to plant.

It also depends on the growing period of time. Some beans need longer time to grow than other beans. Therefore, there will have no crossing problem. One kind of bean has already harvested while the other kind of bean is still young.

Try to find the easy one (i.e., black beans that you can find it in most grocery stores) to grow. If it gets cross, don't save the beans as seeds for next year. Simply buy new beans from grocery stores and plant them next year.

Hope those answer your questions

匿名 提到...

Thank you for answer the question for me.
Did I tell you that the blue corns and white corn need to plant at least 100 feet away from each other so they do not cross pollenated?


Cathy RichCat 提到...

No, you didn't tell us but we knew it :-) Besides, we still save some seeds you gave us. We plant corns close together and don't care about they cross because we always keep original seeds. We will not use the seeds that have been crossed. Thank you for reminding.