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紫草是今冬朋友挖了幾塊大根送我當城裡房子圍籬的. 有叢生, 也有會長成樹一樣高的品種.

是有名的有機堆肥草料, 長得又快又高. 好看又利於園土,

因此花了幾天時間, 二人又鋸, 又砍, 又挖, 把鄰居侵犯過界, 長得亂七八糟一團樹鏟掉, 運去公設垃圾場當堆肥,


冬天雨水多的時候, 看它肥碩葉片稀爛成一團, 心裡還嘀咕, 活不活得成呀, 

豈料春陽一出, 就活蹦得翠綠茂盛, 夏天開紫花, 很漂亮.

有人摘下葉片煮水當茶喝, 但也有研究說紫草茶傷腎, 因此從不吃它喝它, 

偶而摘幾片給羊寶, 它們倒愛吃, 但不給多, 當點心吃個一兩片. 

平時僅摘下大葉片, 堆在桂花樹或幼竹根部當肥料

6 則留言:

匿名 提到...

Hi! Cathy,
Would you like to grow some hopi blue corn and white corn? If you do just email me your address and I will send you some.

Cathy RichCat 提到...

Sure. I'd love to try. Are they for eat (sweet and juicy) or just for good looking? I like both :-)

匿名 提到...

Hi! Cathy,
Blue corn (also known as Hopi maize) is a variety of flint maize grown in northern Mexico and the Southwestern United States, particularly in the states of Arizona[1] and New Mexico.[2]

It was originally developed by the Hopi,[3] and remains an essential part of Hopi dishes like piki bread.[4] Blue corn meal is a corn meal that is ground from whole blue corn and has a sweet flavor. It is also a staple of New Mexican cuisine.[5]

In addition to its sharply different color, blue corn has several nutritional advantages over standard yellow or white corn varieties. It contains 20% more protein and has a lower glycemic index than white corn.[6] When used to make tortillas, blue corn produces a sweeter, nuttier taste than yellow or white corn, and is a more complete protein source.[7] A certain technique is used to grind the blue maize and make it release niacin. --- from Wikipedia online. A news report about Hopi corn http://www.azcentral.com/news/native-americans/?content=hopi-corn.

These corns were planted by using dry land farming methods they has short corn stalk. If they have enough water they will grow very tall. The friend who gave me these corns belongs the corn and water clan in hopi reservation. I will ask her about the use of white corn next time when I see her.


Cathy RichCat 提到...

Thanks. Phyllis,

We will plant it and post the process :-)

匿名 提到...

Both blue and whit corns are for corn meal.

Cathy RichCat 提到...

好極了, 剛闢了一塊地專種藜麥, 因此今秋我們會有藜麥飯, 玉米餅, 小米稀飯, 德國泡菜炒蛋 (類似蘿蔔乾炒蛋)和烤馬鈴薯餅吃囉, 耶