Chinese Zither Guzheng Music and Lessons 古箏音樂和教學

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古箏簡介 (英文)
古箏教學 - 普通話/國語
Grade 1 第一級:

Grade 2 第二級:

Grade 3 第三級 :
Embroider a Golden Plaque 繡金匾
Nanni Bay 南泥灣

Grade 4 第四級:
Liuyang River 瀏陽河
High Mountain Floating Water (Zhe-Jiang) 高山流水 (浙江箏曲)

Grade 5 第五級:
Glowing Red Morning Star Lilies 山丹丹花開紅豔豔
High Mountain Floating Water (Henan) 高山流水 (河南箏曲)
教學: 高山流水 (河南) 1-4小節; 5-8小節; 16-22小節, 29-72小節
High Mountain Henan Lesson Measure 1-4; M5-8; M16-22, M29-End
Song of Dong-Ting Lake 洞庭新歌
Yao People Dance 瑤族舞曲
Grade 6 第六級 :
Happy Harvest Gong and Drum 豐收鑼鼓
Spring to Lhasa 春到拉薩
Celebrating a Fruitful Year 慶豐年
Grade 7 第七級 :
Combating Typhoon 戰颱風
Raining Night on Banana Panel 蕉窗夜雨
High Mountain Floating Water (Shandong) 高山流水 (山東箏曲)

Grade 8 第八級:
Spring Dawn of Snowberg 雪山春曉
The Fragrance of Jasmine 茉莉芬芳
Fisherman's Song of the East China Sea 東海漁歌

Grade 9 第九級:
Celebration of the New Dam 幸福渠水到俺村
Prairie Hero Little Sister 草原英雄小姊妹
Molten Steel Rushing 鋼水奔流
A General Order 將軍令
Rhyme of Han River 漢江韻
Concert Grade 演奏 :
Spring to Xiang River 春到湘江
Guang-Ling Verse 廣陵散
Remembrance 緬懷
Liu-Yang River (1978) 瀏陽河 (閻俐, 占海編曲 1978)
The Lapping Waves of Lake Honghu 洪湖水浪打浪
Students' Homework 學生作業: