Chinese Zither Guzheng Music & Lessons 古箏音樂和教學

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Guzheng Music Videos 古箏音樂影片:
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Liuyang River 瀏陽河 (1973 唐璧光曲, 史兆元改編) 
(Biguang Tang composed, Zhaoyuan Shi arranged in 1973) 
二泉映月 Reflections of the Moon on the Twin Lake
Reflections of the Moon on the Twin Lake (Erhu with Suzhou Symphony)
Guzheng Music Videos 古箏音樂影片:
古箏教學 - 普通話/國語 (cc 中英字幕)
如何練雙手合彈 (示範: 豐收鑼鼓)
如何轉換節奏 (5 拍轉 3 拍轉 4 拍轉兩拍 ...)
Guzheng Lessons  (Eng Sub):
Master Class: How to play Allegro well (PL)
Left-Hand Basic Skill: Vibrant (1)
Left-Hand Basic Skill: Vibrant (2)
小開手 Henan Style Basic Song
Grade 2 第二級:
East Loess Plateau Tune 隴東小調
學生作業 Ex3: 孟姜女 Lady Meng-Jiang (Da Xiao Cuo)
學生作業 Ex4: 彎彎的河水 Meandering River (Fa Ti)
Grade 3 第三級 :
小星星講解 (周望編曲)
Fisherman Duet Practice: Prelude, A1, A2, A3, A4, B, 漁舟唱晚長笛古箏二重奏練習 (私課)
Embroider a Golden Plaque 繡金匾
Great Unity 河南八板 (天下大同)
Labor is the Honor 勞動最光榮
Nanni Bay 南泥灣
Grade 4 第四級:
高山流水教學 (浙江) 1-18 小節, 19-96 小節, 96-147 小節
Lessons of High Mountain Floating Water (Zhe-Jiang) 
Three Variations of Plum Blossom 梅花三弄
Song of Yan Bian 延邊之歌
Grade 5 第五級:
High Mountain Floating Water (Henan Style) 高山流水 (河南箏曲)
教學: 高山流水 (河南) 1-4 小節; 5-8 小節; 16-22 小節, 29-72 小節
Lessons: High Mountain Henan Style Measure 1-4; M5-8; M16-22, M29-End
Glowing Red Morning Star Lilies 山丹丹花開紅豔豔
Song of Dong-Ting Lake 洞庭新歌
Yao People Dance 瑤族舞曲
Yun Qing 雲慶
Embroidered Pouch 繡荷包
Grade 6 第六級 :
Spring to Lhasa 春到拉薩
Celebrating a Fruitful Year 慶豐年
Flower and Youth 花兒與少年
Drum Echos at the Temple Fair 香山射鼓
Grade 7 第七級 :
Combating Typhoon 戰颱風
Raining Night on Banana Panel 蕉窗夜雨
High Mountain Floating Water (Shandong) 高山流水 (山東箏曲)
Happiness Canal 幸福渠
Spring Stream 春澗流泉
Grade 8 第八級:
Spring Dawn of Snowberg 雪山春曉
The Fragrance of Jasmine 茉莉芬芳
Fisherman's Song of the East China Sea 東海漁歌
The Arranged Marriage of Xinyuan Chen 陳杏元和番
Erie Riverside 伊犁河畔
Crow's Sporting in Chilly Water 寒鴨戲水
Grade 9 第九級:
Prairie Hero Little Sister 草原英雄小姊妹
Molten Steel Rushing 鋼水奔流
A General Order 將軍令
Rhyme of Han River 漢江韻
Ode to Guizhou 黔中賦
Lin Chong Fled By Night 林沖夜奔
Concert Level 演奏 :
Everlasting Longing 長相思
Rafting Canal 清江放排
Guang-Ling Verse 廣陵散
Remembrance 緬懷 (閻俐, 占海編曲 1978)
Liuyang River 瀏陽河 (朱立奇, 唐璧光曲, 史兆元改編 1973)
(Biguang Tang composed, Zhaoyuan Shi arranged)
The Lapping Waves of Lake Honghu 洪湖水浪打浪
Student Homework 學生作業 (06/06/2022):
項斯華每日必彈 Daily Fingering Etude 59,  
Student Homework 學生作業 (02/20/2023):
Student Homework 學生作業 (03/05/2022):
項斯華每日必彈 Daily Fingering Etude
5963 (雙手正琶 Both Hands Arpeggio)
考級一 Grade 1 Ex4 滑梯 Slide