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Amaranch (下圖) 和 Sorghun 的花與種子非常類似. 


今年開始嘗試 Amaranch 野莧菜


左圖是小米和野莧種子比較, 右圖是藜麥和野莧種子

2 則留言:

匿名 提到...

Hi! Cathy,
Is sorghum is one of the grain that in the chicken scratch feed that bought from the store?


Cathy RichCat 提到...

I didn't see sorghum in chicken feed here and we are the only people plant them. Lots of American friends even don't know what it is (neither Quinoa). However, I believe chickens will LOVE sorghum. I sometimes give them sticky rice or brown rice as a dessert :-)