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淺綠色地瓜葉 (口感較深綠葉嫩)

Video 短片:
Sweet potato leave drip system in green house

馬鈴薯 (左) 地瓜葉 (右)


起初園中並未種馬鈴薯, 完全是自願軍,

菜圃裡的自願軍除了馬鈴薯, 還有番茄, 西瓜, 羽衣甘藍, 大蒜....

之後嚐到甜頭, 開始覓種, 挑出喜歡的口味, 專門種植, 甚至成為冬天的主食.

馬鈴薯的吃法很多, 馬鈴薯沙拉, 炸薯條, 烤馬鈴薯, 馬鈴薯燉牛肉....

但入了懶人家, 最常用的方法是馬鈴薯連皮切塊放電鍋蒸. 只要品種好, 甚麼都不加, 白口吃, 就很有滋味了.

馬鈴薯很好種, 而且一棵成熟的馬鈴薯, 底下可挖出許多大塊的根莖 (就是馬鈴薯), 大概是投資報酬率最高的植物.

由於產量太多, 太小的塊莖隨手扔堆肥土裡, 因此常自動長出一大片. 羊兒不吃根莖類植物, 馬鈴薯因此得無食物鏈的威脅.

地瓜葉是 sweet potato 的葉子, 和馬鈴薯不同.

前尚在暖房內與包心菜叔叔做伴 (7/18)

8/14 地瓜葉成熟, 


8/30 收成深綠色地瓜葉, 照燙菠菜方式做成涼拌地瓜葉, 很多大蒜和麻油. 

邊摘葉, 邊把葉子泡在大水盆裡, 否則半小時不到, 葉子就萎縮了.

每個已發鬚的節點, 皆可當做新根,

剪成小段, 重新種回暖房, 

其他芽點鬚根, 泡在水盒裡, 每個芽點均可剪下送人, 或另種在花盆裡

暖房內用個圓架框住, 讓地瓜葉順架爬藤, 可省地面空間, 摘取也容易

6 則留言:

匿名 提到...

Hi! Cathy,
Do you know how to cook turnips, beets and the cherry radishes?
I heard they are good for the body but the certain taste of them that I do not like.
Does the walla walla onion only grow in Oregon? I never see it in the grocery store here.


Cathy RichCat 提到...

Well, we eat them raw :-) simply slice it and put in salad. You can chop cherry radishes and turnips to very fine then add in salad if you don't like the spicy taste

I steam beets. Peel the skin, put in a big bow then use Chinese rice cooker (Ta Tong)stem it. It is sweet and soft. I am lazy and always cook as simple as possible. To eat vegetable raw is healthy and easy to prepare :-)

Cathy RichCat 提到...

I think Walla Walla onion can grow anywhere. I first met it in Utah. You just need to plant it in the right time. Read the package and see how long it will take to harvest, then figure out when you should start to grow it. I don't know the temperature of your place so I can't give you advice. We plant it about 3 weeks ago (a month ago). I can scan the package and email to you if you like. Just let me know.

Cathy RichCat 提到...

By the way, Walla Walla onion usually is from middle of June through late August.

匿名 提到...

Hi! Cathy,
Thank you for answering my questions. I planted yellow onion about a month ago. I think I will tried the walla walla onion next year. It would be great if you can show me the picture of the package. I will look for it next time I order my seeds.


Cathy RichCat 提到...

Hi, Phyllis:

Please check the following link. Make sure the temperature is good for Walla Walla. You can order seeds from them next year too.